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Calgary is On Fire posted on 01/27/2009

We’re just over halfway through the NHL regular season, and the Calgary Flames have made quite a turnaround from their slow start—for which they have become notorious for year after year. The 2008-09 season started with loss after stupid loss for the team, and for a while it looked as if Calgary may have lost it’s flame. But lately it seems like Keenan has really lit a fire underneath them, because what a comeback they have made.

Winning seven of their last ten meetings, the Flames now sit in first place in the Northwest Division, and third overall in the Western Conference, under the seemingly unbeatable San Jose Sharks and Detroit Red Wings. Things are looking good for Calgary right now.

And for the first time in at least a few seasons, more than a handful of players are contributing to the team’s point tally. When usually the infamous standalone stars like Jarome Iginla seem to be responsible for the mass majority of the Flames’ goals, five players have tallied over 30 points each in the last 46 games. 

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